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    Newly released for April as part of their Spring/Summer 15 Collection come the revolutionary Sunset Daylight Curing collection from Barry M. A Collection of Hi-Shine, Long Lasting Pro Gel Nails without the Lamp!


    What they say:

    Barry M’s new Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint and Topcoat deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails without a UV lamp or the expense! All you need is a Sunset colour and the Sunset Topcoat – no need for a basecoat as the special formulation bonds to the nail like a gel in daylight but can still be removed with a regular remover.

    The collection are a selection of 7 bold and bright summer shades, all with a creme glossy finish. They also feature the new brush. The super new wide brush means less fiddly brush strokes and an easier, faster application. The consistency is lovely and thick meaning you can get away with one coat on some of the shades but they do advise 2 coats for full perfect coverage.  Gone are the plain colour names and they feature fun names which suit each colour perfectly.



    The colours:

    SSNP1 Can’t Get You Out of My Red -  Looks pillar box red in the bottle but comes out a nice pink toned red on the swatch. The pink is more obvious on the first coat. The second coat leaves it a bright glossy red with only a very very slight hint of pink undertones
    SSNP2  You Drive Me Navy Deep between a dark Royal blue and navy
    SSNP3 Do It Like a Nude Consistency is more opaque than the other six. I needed three coats to be happy with it. It does what it says on the tin…..a creamy sheer nude beige shade.
    SSNP4 Peach for the StarsGorgeous summer bright peach coral. The orange tones make it almost a salmon pink
    SSNP5 The Way You Make Me Teal A bright teal crème
    SSNP6 I’ve Been Pinkin’ - Deep bright fuchsia pink. Similar to Barry M 272 Shocking Pink
    SSNP7 Fuchsia Generation - When I think of fuschia I think a bright pink so I would describe this one is more of a deep raspberry creme.
    SSTC - Sunset Topcoat - A clear glossy topcoat which sets the nail polish. It dries quickly and looks like a shiny gel topcoat when dry.
    I will update with a review of the durability when I have tested the polish myself....
    What do you think of these colours...will you be trying one, priced at £4.99?




    Newly released in May 2015 comes the Radiant Rod Highlighter Crayon by Barry M. I was quite excited to review this as there aren't many highlighters available in the affordable cosmetics market in a crayon form.

    What Barry M say:

    This sheer, glimmering rod adds a seductive golden sheen anywhere you want some added shimmer! The chunky crayon-style makes highlighting tired eyes or helping pop out cheekbones easy! Blend into clean skin, or over make-up for a flash perfect pose!


    Firstly I am impressed by the packaging and it's perfect size for handbags.  Its a sleek twist up chunky crayon and the cap stays put until removed (so it doesn't doodle all over your handbag whilst you move about!)


    Infused with light reflecting shimmer it is a gorgeous creamy sheen to add to cheekbones, brow bone, the line of your nose and also your cupid's bow (the top edge of a person's upper lip).

    The consistency is butter soft and glides on really easily. I needed to be careful around the nose and lip area as too much will make you look shiny instead of fresh and dewy! If you get the amount just right it brightens up your features beautifully.

    I applied it after my foundation and face powder and took some before and after shots.


    I look like I have lost 10 years! The light reflecting particles have masked my pores and uneven skin tone.

    Verdict: Absolutely love it! For just £3.99 it is a wonderful product and will be having a permanent residency in my make up collection! What do you think of the Radiant Rod?

    You can shop for the Radiant Rod Highlighter Crayon here.


  • BEAUTY UK MATTE LIPSTICKS - Review and Swatches

    Beauty UK are a great brand of affordable cosmetics which mirror the catwalk trends. Here I am reviewing their range of Matte lipsticks.


    What the brand say:

    Leaving no shade unturned, our new collection of lipsticks in 'wet' or 'matte' textures and an array of shades tempt you away from a predictable palette.

    Our 'matte' formula gives a nourishing, long-lasting pop of colour that packs a punch!

    There are 6 of the 16 lipsticks in their range with a matte (non glossy) finish. As you can see from the group swatch they are packed with highly pigmented colour.



    They most definitely do "pack a punch"! As with some matte shades I found some are quite chalky in texture so a good bit of lip balm beforehand will improve how they go on your lips.

    The colours:


    No. 2 Candy - A matte candy barbie pink. Gorgeous shade. If it looks slightly glossy in the lips swatch that's just my lip balm underneath :-) 

    No. 3 Snob - A matte Lilac, plum toned medium pink. Probably one of my absolute favourites as you rarely get a plum in matte! Again the slight sheen in the lip swatch is coming from my lip balm underneath.

    No. 4 Tango - Matte Orange toned peach shade. Definitely one for the summer. Really eye catching. It almost shimmers slightly but still has a matte finish which explains it's unique colour.

    No. 5 Sunset - Matte bright orange toned red lipstick. Again its going to look stunning in the summer months. A real statement lip colour.

    No. 14 Cupcake - Matte baby pink lipstick. Bang on trend on the catwalk and looks gorgeous on.

    No. 15 Son of A PeachPale baby peach toned light pink. A real head turner. I can't decide if I am cool enough to carry it off but I am going to try anyway!

    All the lipsticks in the range are described to have a mint flavour and I was expected to be put off by this. However,  I didn't notice it at all so it must be very subtle. I'm not keen on too much flavour or perfume on lipsticks so these ones passed my tests with flying colour!

    What do you think of these matte lipsticks? At just £3.45 Will you be trying on of the shades....


    Technic have brought out a fabulous selection of new releases to their range of amazing but affordable cosmetics and nail products. Here I am reviewing their new Gel Nail Kit. Technic Pro One Step Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit. 


    What they say "LED Lamp for Nail Curing cures in 60 Seconds! No Base or Top Coat Required! Includes Two Gel Colours, Nail Cleaner & Gel Polish Remover.


    From my first look I am very impressed. It's packaged beautifully in a black box which opens to show a window of the contents.  Inside the flap are lovely clear instructions with pictures to shop how to apply. All items are pictured with names so a complete beginner to would be able to use the kit easily. Contents include:

    • 2 x Technic Pro Gel Nail Polishes in Deep Red & Pretty Pink
    • 1 x Technic Pro Nail Cleaner
    • 1 x Technic Pro Gel Nail Polish Remover
    • 1 x Cuticle Stick
    • 1 x Emery Board
    • Cotton Pads
    • Foil Wraps
    • Instruction Leaflet including a registration form for a impressive 2 year guarantee on the lamp.
    • 1 x Technic Pro LED Lamp for Nail curing with Adapter.

    So I opened it all up and followed the instructions to push back/remove cuticles and lightly buffed my nail surface and tidied up my nails to the right length and shape with the emery board supplied. With the cotton pad I applied a little of the Technic Pro Nail Cleaner to wipe my nails clean and left to dry for 60 seconds as advised.

    Then I chose the Deep Red Technic Pro Gel Nail Polish and applied my first coat. I found it easier to apply than normal polish as the consistency goes on much better. You don't get streaks, its easy to get a good even coat. I did my fingers and put them under the lamp. What I loved is that it uses a timer so you don't need to clock watch the seconds. Once it switches off it's done! I did my thumb nail separately as advised as you need to be flat under the lamp. I then applied a second coat as advised and that was it....hey presto....a glossy deep red manicure!

    I was really impressed how well it went on especially without a base or top coat. This speeds the process up so much that it was a breeze from start to finish. I was a bit nervous that it would be tacky so I left them for a few minutes and when I did touch them they were completely dry!

    I love the colour. Its a classic deep red shade and I was very pleased with the finish.


    Day 7 - Not a single chip...I can't quite believe the quality.

    Day 9 - I managed to chip one of the nails but it was so easy to just touch up the tiny chip and re-cure it. Unlike normal nail polish you can see where you re-paint, with this gel you can't notice the touch up. Also I noticed that although I chipped early in the day and didn't get chance to repair it until the next day it just stayed with the tiny chip. No extra peeling or chipping followed from that weak spot.

    I will update again and review the removal process when I remove the colour but on day 10 its still going strong! This is my first experience with gel polish and I am loving the fact that I, for once have a perfect manicure every day. Usually if I paint my nails I have chipped it within 24 hours so it never looks perfect for long :-)

    What do you think of this gel nail kit? Will you be trying one for yourself. Priced at £37.99 I think its a really good investment if you love nail colours and your hands get a lot of use during the day!

    Shop for the kit here

    UPDATE: Really easy to remove. Used the foil wraps and the Gel Nail remover. Left for 10 minutes and the gel had begun to crack and lift off the nail. I scraped the remainder off easily with a cuticle stick. I loved it that much and my nails managed to grow without splitting that I immediately painted them with the pink colour which was stunning.








    As ever W7 are bang up on trend following the catwalk looks. They have just launched their Viva La Berry Very Berry Lipstick collection. 6 deliciously warm deep dark red plum shades perfect for Autumn & Winter.


    For colour drenched lips, deep dark statement colour will suit both fair and darker skin tones. Very vamp-esque. A colour so dark previously would have seemed a little scary to me but these colours are featured everywhere from Rihanna to Kate Bosworth proving these rich wine berry coloured shades suit nearly every skin tone. Dark lips really add an air of sophistication to any outfit!

    W7 are making these shades available to everyone with these 6 gorgeous colours at such a reasonable price.


    Here are the shades.

    Berry Kiss: A beautiful classic plum shade

    Berry NiceA gorgeous pink purple toned red wine shade. Literally like the pinky red juice of a blackberry!

    BlackberryA deliciously sinful dark vampy blackberry shade. Absolutely stunning!

    Glam Berry:  A dark purple plum

    Summer Berry: Perfect if you don't want to go as dark as Blackberry but you still want a dark purple statement colour.

    Very Berry: A violet red toned plum.Very much like a Merlot red wine!

    The finish: They aren't a shimmer, they are a satin finish. What you can see glistening in the swatch is just the light reflecting from the satin finish. They glide on really smoothly, and are full of moisture.

    I'm finding it hard to pick a favourite! I love them all! These colours are so unique and refreshing after the recent summer shades that I have worn to death! They would jazz up any outfit!

    What do you think....? Will you be purchasing one for only £2.49 here?





    New for Spring 2015! Barry M have brought out a line of fast drying nail polishes. Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint. Hurrah it's like beauty addicts prayers have been answered. No more faffing around not being able to carry on your normal activities while you have your hands fanning the air with your fingers spread like your attempting to fly! No more ruined manicures due to an ugly dent because you bashed your finger on something when you thought your colour was dry. Times are changing!


    Here's what Barry M say;

    New Speedy Nail Paint - dries at lightning speed for a perfect mani in seconds. With an innovative new flat brush for an easier application, a more precise finish can be achieved in just 2 quick coats! Wet, set....go!

    The collection are a heavenly selection of pretty spring pastel shades.  The brush is wider than Barry M's standard brush which definitely makes applying the polish much easier. The consistency is good for pastels which are notoriously thin and streaky. I'd say most shades you can get away with 2 coats, but a few of the colours (blue, yellow and the two green shades), I found looked more opaque with three.

    Drying time. All of the colours were touch dry within just a few minutes. I ensured I was still careful for 10 minutes and found they were completely dry when I went to check at the end of this time.


    The colours (Shown on the colour wheel in order):

    SDNP1 - Full Throttle A beautiful pastel peach shade. Very similar to their Peach Melba but with a huge improvement in consistency and vibrant colour. Will look beautiful on tanned skin once we see some sunshine!

    SDNP2 - Eat My DustA pale baby blue. Very pretty and delicate and unique. 

    SDNP3 - Road RageStunning and hard to describe. I am torn between calling it a mint green or a turquoise as its definitely got blue tones as well as being a green colour. 

    SDNP4 - In a HeartbeatI am a girl who loves pink and this is no exception. It is a head turning salmon pink and will look beautiful against all skin tones (especially on tanned toes in the summer!)

    SDNP5 - Pole Position - Light Pastel Green. Again very unique and pretty. I'm very happy as it matches my new spring jumper!

    SDNP6 - Pit StopAn uber cool pastel grey/beige taupe. A really classy nude colour for understated chic nails. The colour is warm enough that it does not look washed out on my pale sun deprived hands!

    SDNP7 - Stop The Clock - A very pale pastel yellow. Almost looking like cream in some light. Again will look mesmerising on tanned toes in the summer!

    SDNP8 - Lap of Honour - A dusky mauve lilac shade. Again it looks extremely classy due to its pastel tone.

    SDNP9 - Kiss Me Quick - Baby Pink, although pastel its good strong bold colour so looks great on paler spring skin tones

    I'm quite surprised to find that my favourites aren't the colours that I would usually go for. Although I love my all time favourite pinks I find myself drawn to the more unique shades of Eat My Dust, Pit Stop, Stop the Clock and Lap of Honour!

    Which colours do you think you will be trying at just £3.99 each.....?

  • TECHNIC MEGA BLUSH - Quad Blusher Compact Swatches and Review

    Technic have brought out a fabulous selection of new releases to their range of amazing but affordable cosmetics and beauty products. Here I am reviewing their new large blusher quad. Technic Mega Blush 20g


    Encased in a large circular compact we have four essential blush shades. A light baby pink, a medium rose pink, a peach toned pink and a terracotta colour. On first view when you open the compact they look extremely shimmery but once the powder is disturbed for application the shimmer is less obvious and more subtle.



    Each shade is highly pigmented and is infused with a gorgeous shimmer. A blusher with a shimmer can add a healthy dewy youthful glow to the skin. It is recommended as cheeks aren't naturally sparkly that a shimmer blush is best paired with minimal make up or in the evening.

    The different shades will create different looks and also follow your skin along with the seasons. I find a gentle baby pink or a peach looks best on my pale winter skin and once I get a bit of sun I can get away with moving on to darker pink and terracotta shades.

    All in all for the price of £2.95 for four shades I think this could be valuable addition to any make up bag. What do you think? Will you be trying this product?


    W7 have a huge range of affordable but fabulous quality nail polishes. They have recently discontinued some older lines and replaced with some new shades for Spring/Summer 2015. Here I am reviewing a selection of their new shades perfect for the new season!



    The colours:


    W7 Mintoff 29 - Summery bright mint green. Can just picture this on tanned toes on the beach! Great consistency could probably get away with one coat but did two just to be perfect!

    W7 Lazy Lime 30 - Ultra bright lime green - This is going to be a great summer polish for nail art fanatics! Ultra striking.

    W7 Brazen Blue 35 - Ultra bright royal blue. Again I am already visualising some great nail art with this colour. Bright blue is a really popular new favourite in many of the trend setting brands like OPI etc.

    Then we have the Berry Collection - a gorgeous selection of pink and purple berry inspired colours. So lovely and thick in application you can get away with one coat. I have given two for all the swatches just to give the best representation of colours.

    W7 Nail Polish Berry 37 - A gorgeous pink infused with a very subtle delicate pink shimmer

    W7 Nail Polish Fruity 42 - A purple toned pink with a creme finish

    W7 Nail Polish Fruitfool 43 - A light purple toned baby pink.

    Now for some more of the new summer releases....

    W7 Nail Polish Lilac Haze 52 - Thick easy to apply lilac creme nail polish.

    W7 Nail Polish Heads Up 58 - Another thick and  super easy to apply bright purple creme nail polish.

    W7 Nail Polish Orange Flame 84 - Ultra bright nearly neon orange. I can just see looking stunning against tanned summer fingers and toes!

    What do you think of these new shades....will you be trying one priced at just £2.49 each?

    Shop the full W7 nail polish range here





  • W7 YUMMY EYES BAKED EYE SHADOW - Review & Swatches

    W7 are a fast growing cosmetic brand and have produced some of the UK's best selling make up products over recent years, notably their Camouflage Concealer Kit and their Camera Ready Face Primer.   Here I am reviewing their Yummy Eyes Baked Eye Shadow compacts in All White, Cafe Latte, Gold Dust and Rusty.


    They are four highly pigmented shimmer eye colours in gorgeous nude/natural shades ranging from off white to bronze and brown. Packaged in a flip top compact with mirror they are excellent quality and also extremely good value for money. They remind me very much of the Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadows (although substantially cheaper!)


    The colours:


    All White - A shimmery glitzy silvery white shade. Perfect for highlighting, widening corners of eyes and blending with the darker shades.

    Cafe Latte - A nude gold packed full of gold shimmer particles. Oozes evening glamour

    Gold Dust - A dark almost Khaki brown infused with delicate gold shimmer particles

    Rusty - A stunning shimmering bronze eye shadow. A little less glitzy than the other three so could be worn in the daytime too.

    The pigmentation and glitzy shimmer to this collection makes me want to glam myself up right now for a night on the town. The are absolutely perfect for evening wear and the colours blend so nicely with each other to create a smokey glitzy eye look. I can't pick a favourite, I love them all!

    What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of these for your make up collection for only £1.99 each?

    Shop the Yummy Eyes range here



    W7 are a fast growing cosmetic brand and have produced some of the UK's best selling make up products over recent years, notably their Camouflage Concealer Kit and their Camera Ready Face Primer  Here I am reviewing their Chunky Cheeks Twist Up Blusher Sticks. Shades Paris, Tokyo, London and New York


    What they say:

    Creamy blush stick that blends easily to give a subtle flush of colour to your cheeks.



    What I love most about these is their versatility. They are so creamy they can be applied anywhere you literally just apply, blend and your done. Excellent size, a generous size pan style stick will last a long time and fits perfectly in a handbag. They are all matte finish. There are no shimmer particles. Although the swatch looks a little like it is reflecting light that is just the creamy consistency which when blended on to cheeks will disappear.


    The colours:

    New York - A classic rose pink. A staple blush colour that will suit most skin tones.

    Paris - A brighter baby pink blusher. A healthy flush of colour again will suit most skin colours.

    Tokyo - A raspberry red toned pink blusher. Perfect for medium to darker skins. On my skin (which is very fair due to the time of year) this looks too unnatural but it will suit a darker complexion beautifully.

    London - A staple peach. This will suit all skin tones, from fair to dark to add a sweep of glow to your cheeks.

    The great thing about these sticks is its very easy to control the intensity of the colour. A light sweep will give a subtle colour which you can then build with more sweeps until you get the right amount of colour. As with all creamy blushers the key is blend, blend, blend to ensure you get a natural look.

    What do you think of these fabulous sticks. At only £2.49 will you be adding one to your collection?

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